3 ways to take screenshots in Mac

There are 3 ways on how you can take screen shots in Mac.

1. Command + Shift + 3 

Take a screenshot of your whole Desktop and automatically saved on the desktop.

2. Command + Shift + 4

This will enables you to select a screenshot of an area and will automatically saved on the desktop.

3. Command + Shift + 4 + Space Bar

Take a screenshot of a window application and will automatically saved on the desktop. This step is most recommended especially if you are making a step by step tutorials.


How to partition Hardisk in Mac

Please follow the instructions below carefully.

1. Go to Disk Utilities

Shift + Command + U and open Disk Utilities

2. Click the Hardrive you want to partition.

3. Click Partition tab.

4. Click + sign depends on how many partitions you want to create.

5. You may change the name or size to adjust the partition.

6. Once you’ve done, click apply, wait then you’re done.