Accessing DVR (CCTV) from Internet Explorer

In order to properly access DVR, you will need an ActiveX control that will be downloaded and installed for the first time you connect to DVR.

1. Start Internet Explorer

2. Type in the address of the DVR in the address bar. (If there’s a security password, enter it correctly) Most likely you will encounter security error or just an empty white screen. It is because an ActiveX control needs to be downloaded and installed.

3. Open the Tools menu
– Select Internet Options
– Click on the Security tab.
– Click on Trusted sites.
– Press the Sites button
– Uncheck the box  “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this
– Type the address of the DVR (including http://) in the box labeled “Add this
website to the zone:” and press the Add button. Press the Close button.
– Now click Custom level button.
– Scroll down until you find a section labeled “ActiveX controls and plug-ins” and
enable all options within this section.
– Press the OK and Apply changes

4. Back to Tools click Compatibility View Settings in the box labeled “Add this website:” type the DVR address and click Add.

5. Now connect to DVR again by typing the address into address bar. You should receive the ActiveX download/installation by now and click Install.

6. Now try to connect to DVR again by typing into the address bar.

7. After installation, return to Tools: Internet Options: Security, click on Trusted sites and
press the Default level button, Apply and OK to reset the security settings.